Episode 206

How Trump Can Win | Are Obama and Biden coordinated? | More mask mandates

Published on: 19th November, 2020

The PBL Podcast Show Notes: Nov 19, 2020

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The two Wayne county legislators, that were pressured into certifying votes, a=have reversed their decision


Witness in Wayne County describes what she saw.


Alen Dershowitz explains how Trump can win


Trump petition to recount Wisconsin


Obama, not surprisingly, bashes America


And interesting that Biden used similar language to also bash America. Hmmm?


America’s worst Governor gives himself a raise, bashes police depart, goes off on a reporter, and blames drug company greed for it’s fast response in getting a COVID vaccine out just this week. What a guy!





Meg Kelly leaves NY


Penn Gov wants to wear a mask inside your home https://bongino.com/pennsylvania-is-now-mandating-masks-inside-your-home

Gov Noam of S Dakoda gets it


As does the gov’s from TX and FL.


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